Expert Mapping Cultivating Communities Genk-Zuid

As a starting point for the Manifesta project in Genk-Zuid we organised a workshop with experts from an industrial, technological, environmental and social background. The purpose of the workshop was to map a sustainable scenario on how industry and residents can coexist in Genk-Zuid. We developed a toolkit, based on the MAP-it kit of Social Spaces, to perform this mapping. It consists out of a set of wooden signs that represent structures from the area. All workshop participants could add graphic information to the signs using chalk, and use strings of rope to link different elements. Combining these different elements created the map.

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Manifesta Project Genk-Zuid

Cultivating Communities is part of the Manifesta-parallel events that will take place this summer in Genk. The projects’ goal is to create collaborative sustainable scenario on the industrial area Genk-Zuid.

In Genk-Zuid domestic areas and industrial facilities sit side by side. Human biomonitoring studies have shown that these industrial activities have negative and far-reaching consequences on the environment and the health of the people living in the surrounding neighbourhoods. As a result, the city of Genk has issued an emission-reduction plan that aims to tackle this pollution.

Together with local actors, like the city of Genk, the residents of Genk-Zuid and the Industry we will try to develop a collaborative scenario on how local residents and industry can coexist in a sustainable manner. To engage and enable these different actors to participate in designing the scenario we developed a set of tools and a mobile laboratory. With these tools we will go to the different neighbourhoods surrounding the industrial area and organise scenario building workshops. The collaborative scenario will gradually reveal peoples’ personal scenario’s on how living and industry can coexist.

During the project the mobile lab will be open for the public on specific dates. On these dates you can freely visit to explore these future scenarios and contribute your personal vision. At the end of the project we will organise an exhibition to communicate the results of the collaborative scenario to the public. The dates for public workshops will be announced soon! Please come back to check this website or send us an email to be kept informed.