Cultural Probes

I have created a cultural probe research kit for the Cultivating Communities project. The kit is build around an assignment booklet.  The assignments challenge the students of ‘Juf Miranda’ to create their own sustainable scenario. The students will conduct interviews, gather inspirational materials, create persona’s and make their own storyline. They have about 3 weeks to finish the assignments, afterwards I will try to make a collective scenario out of their story’s. The idea is to gain extra insights into the students living world through this research kit.



Collective drawing

After the first observation session in “het schommelbootje” I’ve tried to summarize my thoughts of that day in a drawing.

When I returned to the school I used this drawing to start a conversation with the students of ‘Juf Miranda’, the group I will be working with this year. I invited them to draw their own thoughts on the drawing I made. This turned out to be a very fun and creative exercise. Some students just used the template and added colour. Others made up their own ideas. Check out the results here